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Dual Action - Double protection formula for Joint Mobility

Caltrate Joint Health UC-II Collagen

Support your joint health with Caltrate Joint Speed with Herbal Hops Extract & UC-II®. Caltrate Joint Speed with Herbal Hops Extract & UC-II® contains Herbal Hops extract and UC-II®, providing double protection to relieve joint discomfort and support cartilage recovery. With the dual action formula, Caltrate Joint Speed with Herbal Hops Extract & UC-II® helps to improve your joint mobility in 2 weeks!*

*For Adult: Always read the labels before use *Caltrate Joint Speed improves joint mobility in 2 weeks with regular exercise and healthy diet. Cartilage recovery may take longer. Individual result varies.
UC-II® is a Lonza trademark. Trademarks are owned by or licensed to the HALEON group of companies.

Why is Caltrate Joint Speed with Herbal Hops Extract & UC-II® better than Glucosamine?


What is UC-II®?

Caltrate Joint Speed with Herbal Hops Extract & UC-II® contains an active patented form of an Undenatured Collagen Type-II. Type-II collagen is commonly found in your joints and is part of healthy cartilage. Undenatured Collagen Type II (UC-II®) is specially processed using low temperature manufacturing process to maintain its native structure and clinical effectiveness. UC-II® helps to support joint function and cartilage recovery in regular exercising adults.

UC-II® has been shown to reduce joint discomfort and promote healthy cartilage.


What is Herbal Hops Extract?

Caltrate Joint Speed with Herbal Hops Extract & UC-II® contains herbal hops extract, which is found in hops cones from the Humulus Lupulus plant.

Herbal Hops Extract is a plant-derived alternative that can help to reduce joint discomfort, such as stiffness, and support joint mobility in 2 weeks!*

Caltrate Joint Speed With Herbal Hops Extract & UC-II® Collagen works differently from other joint health ingredients. Its unique mechanism of actions helps:


  • Reduce Joint Discomfort and Stiffness
  • Fast Acting & Improves Joint Mobility
  • Supports Cartilage Recovery
  • Helps Slow Down Joint Deterioration


Collagen Bone

2 weeks to improve mobility in 6 main body joints: knee, hips, spines, shoulders, feet and hands

*Including but not limited to the above body joints mentioned. Consult a doctor if conditions did not improve & individual result varies. 

Collagen Bone

Support 6 Joint Benefits: Relieves discomfort, Reduces stiffness, Cartilage recovery, Flexibility, Mobility, Healthy Joint

Collagen Bone

Disclaimer: Cartilage recovery may take longer.

Recommended for

Adults activity

 Adults actively participating in sports   (e.g.runners)

Joint discomfort

 Adults with joint discomfort

Adults mobility and flexibility

 Adults who desire to have better joint  mobility and flexibility

Choice of joint supplements

 Adults who seek alternative choices of joint   supplement

Each tablet provides a daily dosage of 500mg Herbal Hops Extract with 40mg of UC-II®   (1 tablet contains 250mg Herbal Hops Extract and 20mg of UC-II®).

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