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Importance of Vitamin D

Food with Vitamin D

Benefits of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for developing and maintaining strong bones and muscle function. Clinical studies have shown that it helps build up bone mass by helping with Calcium absorption and it also supports muscle strength, thus improving balance. Your body stays strong and agile, reducing the risk of fractures in the event of any falls. Vitamin D also allows the body to effectively absorb Calcium. This is why a lack of Vitamin D can contribute to thin and brittle bones.

Benefits of Vitamin D

Did You Know?

In Singapore, 70-100% are Vitamin D Insufficient!1

The most common cause of Vitamin D insufficiency is limited sun exposure. Sunlight provides substances needed by the body to convert to Vitamin D. Hampered further by daily use of sunscreen, Singaporeans fail to produce Vitamin D by as much as 95%. Speak to your healthcare professional if you are concerned about Vitamin D insufficiency.

  • Vitamin D insufficiency occurs in >70% of Singaporeans
  • Vitamin D deficiency occurs in >12.5% of Singaporeans
  • Vitamin D levels are determined by blood serum concentration. The optimal range of serum
  • Vitamin D is 75nmol/L -150nmol/L. Levels below 75nmol/L are considered insufficiency, while deficiency refers to levels below 25nmol/L.

High prevalence of Vitamin D insufficiency in Singapore

Sources of Vitamin D

The main source of Vitamin D comes from exposure to sunlight. Very few foods contain Vitamin D, those that do contain small amounts include Margarine, Eggs, Liver and Fish such as tuna, salmon, sardines, herring and mackerel.

Fortified foods and supplements remain an important source of Vitamin D.